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Here at Elite Alabai we breed the true Alabai, a HUGE dog that will protect you and your family with his life is needed. 

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Alabai is a famous Central Asian Shepherd Dog. Traditionally the large sized breed of dogs was used for guarding, herding and protecting flocks of sheep. It is a pure breed dog. The dog probably evolved 4000 years ago. They are commonly found in the regions of Asia minor, northwest China, Ural and the Caspian Sea. In different parts of the world, Alabai is known by different names.

They are robust, huge and massive dogs. Alabai is famous for its power and strength. Alabai has short hair and they have a strong undercoat. It is a muscular build, strong dog. The special characters of the dog includes.

– Large nose 

– Rectangular head

– Blunt muzzle

– Oval eyes

– Medium size

– Hanging ears

– Broad chest

– Well-muscled neck

– Straight legs

– High set tail

The males of Alabai are more courageous and larger, they have massive heads and pronounced withers as compared to females. They are commonly available in all colors Black, gray, white, straw, brown, russet, brindle, and piebald. However, the most common colors are black and white.

It is an affectionate family pet that is known for its devotion to people. It can easily get along with the family and there is nothing to worry about unwarranted aggression. They are obedient and overprotective. Around the strangers, Alabai will always stay in a guarding position. You cannot trust an Alabai with toddlers because due to its large size it can easily knock down the toddler. Alabai will go into a defensive position if it will feel threatened. It can get aggressive if someone tries to challenge its authority. That is why being a guardian dog it prefers to be the in charge of the flock. It is a very curious and bold dog.

It is a highly active and working breed of dog. It is important that you provide Alabai with a highly strenuous activity that will help him maintain its health. Hiking and jogging are a good option. If you have a puppy you can give him chew toys or rubber toys that they can chew on and chase. They are heavy shedding dogs but they will shed once a year. It is important that you groom your Alabai properly to maintain the perfect look. You should serve your Alabai with a nutritional diet to maintain its high energy level.

Some of the specifications you will find in the Alabai are.

  1. Coat: long/short, coarse, dense undercoat
  2. Breed type: purebred
  3. Lifespan: 12 to 15 years
  4. Size: large
  5. Weight: Female: 88-143 lb Male: 121-230 lb
  6. Height: Female: 24-27 in Male: 27-36 in
  7. Not hypoallergenic
  8. Litter size: 7 to 10 puppies on average

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Choosing a Alabai Puppy is extremely important decision in your life, don’t pick randomly the first breeder you see, choose carefully the kennel that will select your puppy, a Alabai is not just a dog, he will be your best friend.  
– Elite Alabai

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